Summer is near


May is nearly over.  It has been a bit over a year since Russell passed away.  I didn’t see how May 2 would be any worse than May 1 or May 3 but it was of course.  I sat in his chair and talked to him to tell him how much I missed him.

Kary and Katy came over and we took fruit and cookies to the two primary doctors who cared for Russell throughout the ordeal.  Dr. Mayeda had been his doctor and friend for many years.  Dr. Mahmood was the oncologist.  He is a gentle compassionate man and we liked him very much.

We also visited the staff, the nurses at the infusion center that saw Russell through intense chemo and radiation.  Kinder people don’t exist.  Our visit brought tears to some of them because Russell meant a lot to them.

I went to CAG in San Jose and we were productive and closed out the school year, making plans for 2012-2013.  Remember how panicky the world was at 1999 moved to 2000?  Very funny now.

The kids are all good.  Steven still running half marathons as he trains for a full one.  He and Kevin are running buddies and they did well with their times.  Kevin is going to Viet Nam to teach English for a year or so.  We are going to miss him. 

Some of the best news is that Steven has a job working for a company here in Orange County.  He will be writing and other tasks suited to his skills.  Finding a job is crazy making just now, even for kids with degrees and skills and plans.

Katy is working at Sylvan Learning Center, running  the Summer Writing Camp at CSULB and doing intern work at Bower’s Museum.  The teaching jobs are almost non existent just now but may open up as summer wanes.

The Bowers experience is perfect for her.  She will write curriculum and training suggestions to complement up coming exhibits at the museum.

Zach has finished his school year and will be attending an online high school at his school.  Juniors and Seniors have been offered this option since the private high school is going to go K-8.  He still goes to school, has social and sport experiences and teachers to talk to.  The computer lab is updated and each student takes classes they need.  He will like that option, I think.

These pictures are from his end of year award ceremony.  Amanda is registered for another year in Georgia Nurses Training.  I think the emphasis this year is radiology and other technology.  That should be very interesting.

I continue to work out and swim at the gym.  Working on strength and balance.  Cooking for one is a pain.  I try a few good things and keep track of what I like.  I’m not a fan of left overs so I need to be more tolerant.  I make a really good crock pot potato and onion soup that is very good the next day and freezes well for another day.

I keep busy with CAG, friends and my wonderful supportive family.  My Great Nephew in Georgia broke his leg in two places.  He had surgery on Monday, was back in school on Thursday and going to spend the summer in physical therapy.  His goal is to be ready to play football in late August.  He will make it, too!

Mary and Andre stay busy with their political activities in Georgia.  Mary is going to Tampa for the Republican National Convention.  What fun!!!  I always watch both conventions and find it to be crazy theater.

They enjoy it a lot and have met many interesting people over the years.

They met this gentleman from Georgia at a function a few weeks ago.  The picture is down a bit.  I’m not techie enough to figure out how to move it.

We we will be scattering Russell’s ashes on Father’s Day.  We are going to the AVI Indian Reservation in Nevada.  It is near the Colorado River.  People are coming from Georgia, Indiana, Idaho and California, of course.

We have rose petals to scatter along with the ashes.  His precious daughters and their families will be there.  Both of Russell’s brothers will be there as will my brother Chuck and his wife, Lorraine.   Just
Family.  We will all have brunch together afterwards.  We want to celebrate the man Russell was and what he meant to us all. Kary and Chuck are organizing it for me and I do appreciate that.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  When I was a child we called it Decoration Day.  It was then a time to remember family members who had gone on ahead.  Today we do that and also honor our fallen warriors.

Andre’ has a T-shirt that says this is the Land of the Free, Because of the Brave.