Cold, Cold, Cold

I don’t ever remember it being this cold in Southern California.  It was 39 here last night according to the paper.  My heating bill will be huge but I am comfortable.  I turn off the heater at night and settle down under the best comforter ever so the nights are warm.

I continue to go to the gym.  I am working on balance and strength and I see improvement.  Of course, I love the water, as you know so that’s a high point.  Cody the instructor and trainer is wise for so young a man and he has made fitness, for those of us working with him, a major goal.

I enjoy the other people at the gym also.  They encourage and support all of us “seasoned athletes”. There is an elderly Japanese man who I see in the pool often.  He is formal and polite and bows each time we meet.  He must be 80ish and he is working on fitness also.  None of us plan on body building competitions.

Kary and I went to see the film, 50-50.  It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Do you remember him from TV a while back on ” Third Rock from the Sun”?  This film was very interesting and well done.  It is the story of a young man who gets cancer and the interactions he has with friends and family.  Seth Rogan does a fine job as well.  He does have a “potty mouth” in this film so be ready.

I shed a few tears and laughed as well.  I enjoy the experience of a movie on the big screen.  I am still astounded at the cost of tickets, small popcorn and gummy bears.  No wonder people take their own snacks to the movies.

I am beginning to plan Christmas cooking and baking.  The goodies are traditional for me.  My version of Chex Mix, boiled cookies, and butterscotch hay stacks.

Andre will do the turkey and dressing again.  I’ll do my dressing as well.  I am going to have that yummy rotelle cheese dish for before dinner and some bbq meatballs.  The main meal is pretty traditional also. Green Bean casserole, corn pudding, cranberries by Zach, and who knows what else.  Pie, of course.

I went to breakfast with my friends from working days.  They are so special.  Margaret keeps us on schedule so we don’t miss any dates.  We catch up with our lives, laugh and remember funny days from teaching and being principals.  Everyone seems busy.

Judy’s son and daughter-in-law and grand baby will arrive from Australia for the holidays.  Fran just returned from running a marathon in Paris, Sandy played her cello with the symphony at Segerstrom Hall and Marge, God love her, is working on her doctorate.  Margaret plays golf, Kathy cares for her elderly mother, Sharon delights us all and Eileen is as busy as ever.  I don’t do a lot but I keep busy with CAG, the Foundation and my family.  We all feel so blessed to be with each other and to be enjoying life in the “senior” lane.

My window covering were not manufactured correctly the first time so I was excited when they came to install them again.  Still wrong and no rod in the package.  I was disappointed but… will be corrected soon.  My fax is behaving badly.  The phone company says it’s the fax, the fax company says it’s the phone.  There was a time when I would have been semi frantic over such small issues.  I am so much calmer since Russell died.  (I can say died now.) To lose him was the worst thing to ever happen to me.  How important can a fax or some window coverings be, now? 

Debbie and Mike Hazelton came up to see me and we went for dinner to Seasons 52 at South Coast Plaza.  This is a remarkable restaurant.  I had vege soup and penne with shrimp and veges.  All this is low-calorie, fresh and presented in a beautiful way.  I will go back there.

My Christmas tree is up.  It is beautifully lighted.  I’m waiting a few days to decorate until window people get here.  Positive thinking!!!!  It is a beautiful tree, pre lighted with 600 color lights.  The ornaments come from over 52 years together and most have special meaning.

Last night, Kary and I went to St. Joseph’s tree lighting.  Russell was honored with a light and an ornament that I can now put on my tree.  It was held outside and it was cold but the ceremony warmed us all.  We had hot chocolate, hot cider and a new drink for me….cucumber water.  It was delicious.

The Hospice workers deserve such support.  Dr. Malouf was there and Chaplain Janice was there as well.  Janice led the first bereavement group I attended shortly after Russell left us.  Carolers sang and we all had lighted candles.  The tree also honors living people.  Every year I support a light for the Parker Family, the Adamski family and my late father, Waldo Dearing.

It was bitter-sweet to be there but now after 7 months I renew my thankfulness for having such a man as Russell in my life.  I miss him fiercely and sometimes its like it happened yesterday.  We are all blessed to have had him for part of his 71 years.

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