I’m nearly ready

I am going to announce my new blog place this coming weekend.  I will post on Caring Bridge and announce on Face Book.  Then I’ll jump in.

The page isn’t just right but it will be.  Writing has proven to be very important to me as I move along.  It’s soothing and helps me think more clearly.

I have been not feeling my best for the last 10 days with a small cold but it did slow me down.  Russell always said I was the worst patient anyone could design.  I obsess.  I don’t like to be ill.  Who does?  He also used to say God knew not to give me any thing major because I would fuss enormously.  If he were here he’d illustrate that with tales of the summer I had my foot in a cast.  Ouch!!  My family agrees so it must be true.

I am going to try a new group this week at Hoag.  It is for those of us who have lost loved ones to cancer.  The first group I tried had so much grief in the room I left feeling worse than when I arrived.  Heart Attacks, suicide, overdoses, and even one furniture crib accident.

The picture below is from the Race for the Cure from 2010.  I’ll keep you posted on this year’s event in November.  Russell’s Warriors will be out and around again, raising awareness and money to fight this cruel disease.

Getting Better

   I’ve been wondering how I  can transition from Caring Bridge to this space.  I guess I’ll just jump in.  I will share my thoughts, my journey through grieving and the wonderful gifts from God.

I know it will be a different world.  I also know that my faith, my family and my dear Russell will be on many of my posts.  He is always on my mind.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Russell.  He was well and enjoying the ferry ride from Seattle to Victoria as we began our journey to Alaska.  What a grand time we had with Chuck and Lorraine on that trip.


I am working on this new blog place for my writing activities.  I like the color on the page and will soon learn how to enhance the appearance of this space.  I am not very techie but I do love to write.  It is most therapeutic for me.

Yesterday was a bit frantic.  I feel the need to slow way down.

Moving on

This is my first entry on this “new to me” blog site.  I have been writing for well over a year on the Caring Bridge site as I have cared for my husband, Russell, as he fought a valiant battle against pancreatic cancer.

Writing has helped me from the diagnosis date of April 1, 2010 to Russell’s  passing on May 2, 2011 and on to today.  I feel I must leave Caring Bridge knowing I have to keep writing as I continue the harsh journey of grieving.  It is a “blistering ride” as one author has described it.

I want to let people know where I am writing in case they want to visit.  The support and love from friends around the world have both been so important to me.